About Godfrey Ingram

Within an impressive career spanning a quarter century, renowned former footballer Godfrey Ingram played for teams in Wales, England, and the United States, entertaining fans around the world. A football fan himself since his childhood in Luton, England, Godfrey Ingram attended Luton Town Football Club matches with his father and drew inspiration from his hero, famous winger Graham French. Ingram got his professional start at Luton Town, and after half a decade with his hometown team, he transitioned into the North American Soccer League (NASL) with an offer from the San Jose Earthquakes. Dubbed “Mr. Excitement” by Earthquakes enthusiasts, Ingram led the team in 1982 with 17 goals, 11 of them game-winning. A sought-after player, Godfrey Ingram was nominated to the NASL All-Star Team 4 times and contributed to the success of more than 15 teams, among them the Minnesota Strikers, the Las Vegas Americans, the Tacoma Stars, the Dallas Sidekicks, and the St. Louis Storm. An agile, talented striker and forward, Godfrey Ingram amassed over 440 appearances and over 270 goals in league matches.

Now a resident of Southern California, Godfrey Ingram currently focuses on his career in the financial services and commodities industries. He sits at the helm of several companies, among them a venture capital firm that invests in promising businesses and a commercial lending group that extends professionals the necessary funds to boost their market reach. Ingram continues to support Luton Town Football Club as an investor with the Luton 2020 fan organization. In his spare time, he enjoys volunteering with the nonprofit Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) and flying helicopters.


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